Online pattern-design software

Still working like it's the 16th century?

Soon you’ll be able to create and edit your sewing patterns from scratch, wherever you are and on any device and operating system.

What is Sartology?

Sartology is the new way of creating flawless sewing patterns online. With software that runs in your browser, you have all the tools you need to design and draw beautiful and precise patterns wherever you are and across mobile and desktop devices.

Who is it for?

Patternmakers, fashion designers, students, sewing enthusiasts, Sartology is for anyone who needs an advanced, efficient and affordable tool for patternmaking and fashion design.

Why use Sartology?

Who's the 16th century guy on the banner?

Juan De Alcega was a Spanish tailor who published the first treatise on pattern making way back in 1580. With Sartology's set of simple tools you'll be able to use the same techniques that Juan used, only digitally.